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Pasta & Rice

by oo’mämē Kitchen •

Chinese Leftovers CPR

Remind me again why take out restaurants send enough white rice to feed a small army? If you are like us, you probably have at least two remaining containers of rice, plus another few dishes with just a bite or two left. Last night it seemed like a GREAT idea to save it all. Now it looks tired, dehydrated and a tiny bit of sad. oo’mämē Chile Infusion to the rescue! Let’s turn that frown upside down. You might think Chinese food requires Chinese oo’mämē. But we’re here to tell you this is your chance to cook like a boss. There are fantastic flavors in the Mexican Chile Infusion that marry well with all the key components of your leftovers. So, your call. Reach for either. Reach for both. Here’s just a few of the dishes that you can resuscitate with a big ole dollop of oo’mämē: oo’mämē Chinese or Mexican Chile Infusion + White or brown rice Steamed vegetables Sesame chicken Dry sautéed string beans Hot and sour soup General Tso’s chicken Fried Rice Egg rolls Scallion pancakes Beef Chow Mein Shrimp with cashews Beef and broccoli Ma Po tofu Moo Shu anything Crispy beef and orange Need we go on? The possibilities for taking your leftovers up a notch are limitless. Try this a couple times and you will soon realize that it doesn’t have to be leftover to kick up delivery food a serious notch. oo’mämē will quickly become the go-to condiment that you put on the table instead of soy sauce or duck sauce. Why not put both flavors out so the whole family can get in on making the perfect combo!