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Give the Gift of Travel to the Foodie in Your Life!

Jars of oo’mämē Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Moroccan Crisp
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4 Flavors in 9.2 ounce jars.

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Holiday Bonus - Free Umami Heat

Our Umami Heat blend celebrates a traditional Japanese Shichimi Togarashi. A 17th century seven-spice blend, Shichimi Togarashi was born in an herb shop and dispensed by pharmacies, as a remedy. Today it’s a remedy for dull dining! Shichi (meaning seven), mi (taste), Togarashi (dried chiles) is a Japanese dried spice blend that combines the heat of chiles with umami-laden nori and blends it with citrus and seeds. Resuscitate any dish with a hit of heat — Umami Heat!

oo'mämē...Where EVERY BITE is an Adventure!

Four flavors of oo’mämē - Chinese, Mexican, Indian and  Moroccan
Bamboo steamer with dumplings, Chinese lanterns, roasting pan with red snapper and oo’mämē marinade on a bed of leeks

Give the Gift of Culinary Travel

oo’mämē is a premium line of globally inspired Chile Crisp. A one-of-a-kind condiment that unleashes an explosion of spicy umami – that fifth taste that amplifies all others – along with crispy chiles, crunchy nuts & seeds, and a chewy sweet finish. Our flavors represent some of the world’s best culinary cities and regions and celebrate the aromas and tastes of these far-off lands. Travel via culinary creations to Chinese New Year in Szechuan…to Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico…to the backwaters of Kerala, India…and to the medina in Fez, Morocco.

Indian Sadhya feast on a banana leaf, backwaters of Kerala, India, Moroccan citrus salad on a black plate

Customer Reviews

I have fried with the oil, marinated with the other ingredients, barbecued, braised, and baked with it. oo'mämē has transformed my kitchen. My family says they feel like they're in a restaurant. I'd go on more but I've got to go cook dinner.

— Bob Tamsky

There was left over pasta in my fridge when I got home last night and I made two bowls of “peanut sauce pasta.” One Chinese and one Mexican. It was the simplest and most delicious thing I have made in a long while with only 3 things. Then I mixed it with some plain hummus and boom – really, really great addition to many dishes.

— Brett Tintera, Two Men and a Garden

Absolutely delicious, I already reordered! These condiments are unlike any other that I know of - they remind me of the intense flavor of pan scrapings, except that they're even better - more complex. Low sodium, too. Love OoMame!!

— Charlie Suisman