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Lemon Tahini + oo’mämē Dressing

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

Sesame seeds are common among cuisines of the Mediterranean – Greece, north Africa, the middle East – so it’s no surprise that they date back 1000s of years. Tahini, a paste or sauce made from ground sesame seeds, in fact traces its name back to the Arab word meaning “to grind”. It’s vegan and because its high in calcium and protein, it is a great addition to plant-based diets. Due to the high oil content, when making sauces with tahini, there is no need to add anything more than acid and possibly water to thin it out. The lemon juice we use in our Lemon Tahini + oo’mämē Dressing has the double duty of emulsifying the tahini and cutting that underlying bitterness inherent in tahini.

Tahini, like nut butters, tends to get thicker before it gets thinner. That’s because there are tiny dry bits surrounded by oil, keeping them from a perfect marriage with your added liquids. Cold water is the secret ingredient that takes tahini from thick and clumpy to smooth and creamy. Most tahini dressings have lemon juice and garlic, but we are kicking it up a notch by stirring in some oo’mämē Moroccan Chile Crisp. For this dish, just add the crunchy oo’mämē bits – no extra oil needed with tahini – and both lemon juice and zest.  One taste of this creamy, tangy and spicy dressing will transport you to some far away land.  Close your eyes and enjoy the journey!

Jar of oo’mämē Moroccan Chile Crisp with a spoonful of oo’mämē

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