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About oo’mämē

Now that I have oo’mämē, what do I do with it?
The fast answer is anything, short of bathing in it. (It’s spicy!) We designed this so you can be the kitchen boss. Since oo’mämē is fully cooked and ready to eat, it can be added at any stage of meal prep. Marinate, drizzle, swirl, swish, stir, eat it straight from the jar. Promise, we will not judge. If you think you have discovered a new use, DO let us know!  We say oo’mämē + anything®


What’s your favorite use of oo’mämē?
Depends on who you ask! Mark likes his on poached eggs and tortillas chips. MK leans toward Mark’s signature fried rice with a heaping spoonful of oo’mämē goodness. Katy uses the oil to toast baguette slices, then whips the solids with goat cheese to top crostini. Megan doesn’t cook but she keeps a personal jar of peanut butter in her desk at work, and then hits the fridge for a big dose of oo’mämē straight into the jar. None of us can keep enough on hand. We challenge you to eat it faster than we do.


There is one bit of oo’mämē left in the bottom of the jar, please HELP!!
No scoop left behind. We are with you on this. Try skewering a piece of bread and mopping up the bottom of the jar, fondue style. Or add some lemon or lime juice and a bit of olive oil, put the lid back on and shake, shake, shake until you have a fabulous vinaigrette ready to use. Add some of your guacamole, hummus, yogurt, mayo, et al to the jar and give it a stir. Then slather that creamy goodness on a toasty slice of sourdough and let us know when lunch is served. Be right over. 


Are your products vegetarian?
Yes, they are. In fact, oo’mämē chile crisps are vegan and keto friendly — Dr. Axe approved!  They are also proudly gluten-free and low sodium. 


How long will oo’mämē last?
oo’mämē chile crisps are shelf-stable for up to 24 months unopened and will last in the refrigerator for up to 2 months, once opened. We bet you will run out long before that.


Do your products contain nuts?
Yes. Each flavor has some crunchy tidbits in it and although some flavors only have seeds, they are packed in a facility that also packs our Chinese and Indian varieties which have peanuts.


I have a question about a recipe?
We are here to help. Send your questions to and we will do our best to answer it as quickly as possible. Also send us any fantastic recipe ideas you are making, and you might see your recipe featured in our blog.


About Umami:

What is Umami?
Umami is commonly called the Fifth Taste, along with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. But it’s truly more magical than any singular component. It has several distinct properties that bring the other four tastes into focus. Umami spreads across the tongue activating all taste receptors and allowing a more intense experience of the other tastes. It also lingers. Salty and sour ingredients are a quick hit, but umami persists. You might find yourself getting a flash of oo’mämē even the next day and for that you can thank umami. And if that is not enough, umami also promotes salivation…literally, mouth-watering…without which we can’t taste or swallow. Umami is king. If you geek out about umami as much as we do, you can read more on our blog about foods that contain umami or you can check out the Umami Information Center for more information.



What does Umami taste like?
Like beauty, it’s in the eye, er - the tongue, of the beholder. Tastes are personal and vary from mouth to mouth. But umami has the same type of effect on us all. It amplifies other tastes that are present and magnifies a dish’s deliciousness, or umai from its Japanese root word. Just how delicious is a complex and personal formula that may depend on some olfactory cues (aroma), visual cues (color, shape, overall appearance), tactile cues (texture and temperature) and how you feel and memories you may have. Ever notice how “the best meal you ever had” coincides with a special occasion, perfect weather, or being with someone special? Regardless of the many factors, you can be sure umami orchestrated the concert.


What are umami foods?
Umami can be found in meat, fish, some cheeses and vegetables, such as tomatoes, shiitakes, and certain seaweeds. (Our oo’mämē products rely on vegetable products.) Aging, ripening, drying, and fermentation all increase the umami factor found in foods. Asian cuisines rely heavily on umami as a taste balancer and amplifier by using soy sauce, fish sauce, dried fish products, kombu seaweed, and fermented black beans.


What are glutamates?
Glutamates are one of the three key components that make up umami. The unctuousness of umami is more pronounced when glutamates occur with two nucleotides, inosinate and guanylate. Together they are called the umami synergy. These are naturally occurring in foods and are common signals to the body that a protein has been consumed, which triggers a mouth-watering response to aid in digestion.


Are glutamates bad for you?
Absolutely not. You might be thinking of that alleged headache-inducing manufactured seasoning MSG, popular in the 1980s, which was erroneously stigmatized by tabloid reports that lacked any shred of scientific evidence. While we have no opinion on MSG, our products rely only on naturally occurring glutamates that occur through fermentation and found in vegetables. Not only is glutamate NOT bad for you, it is an essential component that elevates the tastiness of a dish. We were happy to see that the Wall Street Journal just went on the record about the powerful role of umami: From MSG Scare to MVP Status.


About Umami Heat

What is Umami Heat Seasoning Blend?
It is the ultimate flavor enhancer ­— bringing both savory, umami-rich ingredients and a zesty punch of chiles together with a carefully curated blend of spices, seeds, and citrus. Umami, meaning deliciousness in Japanese, is the fifth taste which amplifies how we experience sweet, sour, salty and bitter. And a proprietary blend of chiles brings the Heat. Like our signature line of oo’mämē Chile Crisps, we have perfectly blended the ingredients so this versatile combo will level up any dish with every dash.


What is Shichimi Togarashi?
A 17th century seven-spice blend, Shichimi Togarashi was born in an herb shop and dispensed by pharmacies, as a remedy. Today it’s a remedy for dull dining! Shichi (meaning seven), mi (taste), Togarashi (dried chiles) is a Japanese dried spice blend that combines the heat of chiles with umami-laden nori and blends it with citrus and seeds. Umami Heat celebrates that tradition.


About my order:

Can I buy just one jar or two of one flavor etc.???
Sure! You can buy whatever combination you like, but we recommend starting with the Chinese & Mexican or Moroccan & Indian 2-packs, as they are very different flavors and experience and it DOUBLES the variety of dishes you can make. Or what about trying the 4-pack that gives you one of each: Chinese, Mexican, Moroccan and Indian?


Can I send oo’mämē as a gift?
We would love that and we have created a 4 pack sampler for that very reason! Just add the recipient’s name and address in the Ship To field and add your name in the Comment field and we will do the rest. Your friends will be so impressed that you are on the cutting edge of a culinary revolution! 


How long will it take for my product to arrive?
Our products ship either Fedex or Priority Mail from USPS, and we expect shipping to take 2-4 days.  We try our best to ship any orders that we receive by 3:00 CST that same day (but we’re a small company)! We will keep you posted if there are any delays in getting your order out the door.


How much is shipping in the US?
For orders $36 and up, we typically ship Fedex 2 Day Express and shipping is included in the price. For smaller orders, there is a flat fee of $7 and we also typically ship Fedex 2 Day Express.


Do you ship internationally?
We ship to all 50 US states but are not able to ship internationally currently. We hope to be able to soon!!


How can I reach oo’mämē/Fifth Taste?
Fifth Taste, the makers of oo’mämē, is a small company (with a really big flavor!). Unfortunately, we are not able to provide phone support for customer service. The fastest way to let us answer your questions is to email us at We’ll get right back to you!


The safety button on my jar is not depressed. Is that safe to eat?
When we ship oo’mämē, rest assured the button is depressed. On occasion, in the jostling of shipping, the jar is sometimes impacted in a way that the button releases. However, when you open the jar you should still hear the pop of the suction release, assuring you that all is well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!


What if my jar arrives damaged?
Oh, no! We are just as bummed as you are. Please shoot us an email at and attach photos of the jars so that we can follow up with you directly and take care of that right away!


What is your policy on returns?
Like most small gourmet manufacturers, we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds. But we want you to be happy. If the product is damaged, we will ship you a replacement pronto. And if there is anything else we can help with, just let us know within two weeks of arrival and we will do our best. Be in touch via



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