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oomame 1001 uses 1 spoon


OF COURSE!!! Our oo’mämē chile crisps have umami at their very core. That, and a serious dose of heat from the namesake chiles. The word umami comes from the Japanese word umai, roughly meaning deliciousness. Well said!  Deliciousness, goodness, tastiness. It’s all there. Known as the “fifth taste” after sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, umami has the power to bind to taste receptors and give you that I-Want-Moreish quality. That’s why you will wake up tomorrow with a glowing memory of the yumminess you had last night. oo’mämē will stay with you and settle in your bones.

oo’mämē is made of layers and layers and layers AND LAYERS of flavors, giving it the ease and grace to pair with anything. 1001 Uses. One Spoon. Each flavor we offer is loaded with ingredients that would be hard to source on your own and are combined with a proprietary recipe to create the ideal deliciousness. In addition to the umai, there are chiles from the region, crunchy nuts or seeds, and a chewy fruity or slightly sweet tidbit. Together these create a party in your mouth! Just when you recognize one flavor on one part of your tongue, another raises its hand – with both texture and taste. The combinations – and experiences - are limitless.

All this boldness in one jar makes it easy to cook with confidence and ease. Stir it in, marinate with it, dollop it on, simmer, stew, roast, grill, we have you covered. oo’mämē is fully cooked, ready to eat, and can be added at any stage of your meal prep. And you won’t believe how it will zhuzh up leftovers. Oh my! It’s only the beginning of any culinary journey. Grab a spoon and see how oo’mämē simplifies and transforms mealtime.


We don’t think you will find anything on the market that comes close to our line of global chile crisps. Our product, oo’mämē, is made in small batches, using all-natural products, right here in the USA. You may have tried to flavor-up your cooking with foreign-made products in the past. They simply can’t make the quality claims we can. Those condiments are generally mass produced under unknown conditions. We eat this stuff too (a lot of it) and want to make sure to nourish our bodies with things we can pronounce, sourced from responsible producers. We are careful in choosing partners and purveyors, and we insist on pristine production conditions. We guarantee a quality product, safely made.


We at oo’mämē are just starting our journey around the world to create global chile crisps from many regions. Currently, we offer Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Moroccan Chile Crisps, but more flavors and innovative ideas are in development to bring to market. We believe that while this is an uniquely American idea – creating a condiment with lots of crunchy goodness and authentic ingredients – that it’s also our responsibility to preserve and honor the culinary flavor and traditions of the region. So, look for Szechuan peppercorns in the Chinese oo’mämē Chile Crisp and chipotle pepper in Mexican oo’mämē. And, you’ll find a Berber spice blend in Moroccan oo’mämē and a Masala mix in the Indian. We work hard to combine bold aromatics, like ginger, garlic, shallots, and chiles, with custom spice blends representing the regions. We celebrate the aromas and tastes of the places we explore. Our goal is to save you time and amplify your culinary efforts by bringing local flavors and artisanally hand-crafted simplicity to your pantry.


Before he learned to walk, our founder Mark Engel was on a quest for 牛肉, 肌肉, 豬肉, 魚 和, 菜!!! Those were actually his first words (beef, chicken, pork, fish and vegetable), when as a young adult, he packed up his American life and moved to Taiwan in search of good food and some Chinese language skills. One of the biggest souvenirs from his time spent wandering back alley restaurants and food markets was a fried rice recipe that has become his culinary signature. Over years of perfecting this, he realized how easy it would be to master any culinary creation, if only everything needed to bring the dish to life was already available in just one jar. oo’mämē was born.

After thinking about the Chinese Chile Crisp, Mark realized there is nothing like this in other global pantries. He thought this could be the go-to essential ingredient that elevates any dish and gives beginner home cooks confidence, while providing expert home cooks a few more hours in their day. We couldn’t agree more!

And with that, a brand was born. 1001 Uses. One Spoon. Mark’s passion for travel and zest for all things culinary comes through in every bite. oo’mämē brings all those deep, layered flavors and crunchy bits together in one jar so those at home can make quick, easy, TASTY fried rice…. and 1000 other dishes.

It turns out we are not alone in seeing Mark’s brilliance in launching this line. He will be joining David Chang (and his mother) this summer for a once in a lifetime trip as a winner of the Cooking on Airbnb Experiences contest. If you’re lucky, you might just spot that famous fried rice recipe in an upcoming Airbnb cookbook, placed in listings around the globe.  Check out Airbnb 100 Talented Home Cooks Announcement.