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1001 Uses. One Spoon.®


Add to avocados, omelets, rice or pasta and go from drab to dazzling

Mix with or drizzle onto honeys, yogurts, hummus, and cheeses for an elevated experience

Use in place of or add to ho-hum condiments – ketchup, mayo, sour cream: GET OUT!

Resuscitate leftovers by topping with a dollop

Stir fry with the high smoke-point infused oil

Go beyond Sriracha by adding layers and levels of texture and umami

Mix with peanut, almond, and cashew butters and you’ll be saying oh’mŷ-mŷ

Top pizzas, tacos, kebabs, and quesadillas because you can

Make a dipping sauce for wings, ribs, dumplings, and tempura and say it’s your signature dish

Marinate, then grill or roast any meat, fish, poultry or vegetable


Explosion of spices, seeds, fruits, nuts, black beans and all the other components that make up the oo’mämē chile crisp, with a splash of high oleic sunflower oil. Includes Jars of oo’mämē Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Moroccan Chile Crisp. Text: Unleash an Explosion of Spicy Umami
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