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by oo’mämē Kitchen •

Mexican Huevos + oo’mämē

If you ask our founder Mark, there is no better way to use oo’mämē than on poached eggs. He gets a bit misty-eyed just at the thought. Okay – let’s just call that transported. You’ll be hard-pressed to disagree. This breakfast/brunch staple turns basic to BAM! Mic drop! An already delicious dish of chips, poached eggs, and other huevos accoutrement gets the easy pass to flavor town. Normally this is a restaurant quality brunch dish. But with oo’mämē you can easily make this dish at home. Gang’s all here: layer all your favorite Mexican ingredients…. chips, tomatoes, avocados, frijoles, huevos, cilantro and then…because you can…spoon on some Mexican oo’mämē Chile Infusion.  Do NOT look back. You too have been transported. Buen provecho!   Mexican Huevos + oo’mämē Must Have oo’mämē Mexican Chile Infusion   Consider Including Corn chips – get creative with color and shapes Diced tomatoes Baked or refried beans, warmed Diced avocado Chopped cilantro Poached eggs   How To Layer all ingredients, topping with poached eggs. Spoon oo’mämē Mexican Chile Infusion over the eggs. Variations include frying your eggs in the oo’mämē infused oil. Dig in!