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Harvest Shreds seasoned with a Texas BBQ spice blend, served on a bun with pickled red onions and slaw on a black plate next to dried chipotle peppers
Harvest Shreds spiced with Barbacoa served in three corn taco shells with lettuce, pickled red onions, avocado chunks and queso fresco. On a black plate with lime garnish
Naked, Subtly Seasoned Harvest Shreds in a cast iron skillet next to a head of garlic and several garlic cloves
Harvest Shreds spiced with Bulgogi Blend on a bed of rice, with red peppers, scallions, peanuts, carrots and sesame seeds. In a large dark bowl with chopsticks and a square white ramekin with soy sauce and sesame seeds
Harvest Shreds logo

Craveable, Sustainable Vegan Plant Protein

It’s hard to feed our collective hunger for soul-satisfying, nutritious and delicious meals
that are good for us and good for our planet.

That’s why at Harvest Shreds®, we’re on a mission to make protein-packed, low-fat, flavor-filled plant protein that’s undeniably craveable and produced sustainably. With your support, we’re lowering the impact on the planet by producing food with significantly reduced land, water, and CO2 emissions.


Let’s make eating better, better. 

Sustainability Infographic: Better for You, better for the Planet. 16 g protein, 1/2 g sat fat, no methyl cellulose; 97% less water, 98% less CO2 and less than 1% land use

Harvest Shreds®

is an umami-laden plant protein that clears the hurdles challenging the alt-meat protein category: taste, texture and a clean label. The shredded form provides a satisfying hearty texture that rivals the meat-eating experience and is one step closer to whole muscle, providing a wide range of versatility.

Close up of Harvest Shreds resembling shredded meat, with bits of char
Naked, Subtly Seasoned Harvest Shreds Nutrition panel showing 3 ounce servings macro nutrients: 130 calories, 4.5 grams of total fat including ½ gram saturated fat, 5 grams of carbohydrate including 0 grams of fiber and 0 grams of added sugar, 16 grams of protein, 320 mg of sodium.

Ingredients: Water, Non-GMO Structured Vegetable Protein Product (Isolated Soy Protein, Wheat Gluten, Wheat Starch), High-oleic Sunflower Oil, Vegan Flavor (Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Salt, Spices), Red Miso Powder (Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Aspergillus Oryzae), Shiitake Mushrooms, Caramel Color.

Contains: Soy and Wheat.


Harvest Shreds® is a vegan plant protein made from non-GMO soy and seasoned with shiitake mushroms and red miso, creating a craveable umami canvas. This protein boasts 16g protein (3 oz portion) with a clean, low-fat label. No methyl cellulose!


Our proprietary umami seasoning, including red miso and shiitake mushrooms, takes the guesswork out of craveable cuisine and provides two solutions:


      1. A delicious ready-to-use plant protein
      2. OR
  1. A blank umami canvas that will amplify any chef-added seasoning, allowing the creation of signature dishes.
Small round black bowl of red miso paste on a black board with small round black spoonful of red miso
Grey metal plate with fresh shiitake mushrooms on dark wooden cutting board

Watch how adding any global spice blend will transform Harvest Shreds®

into a wide range of menu options with incredible versatility,

using just one ingredient. 

Some of our favorite ways to rival the meat-eating experience...

Sizzle platter with Mexican Barbacoa-seasoned Harvest shreds with grilled peppers and onions, served with flour tortillas, mango salsa in a green bowl, refried beans with queso fresco, cilantro bunch and fresh limes.

Adding a Barbacoa spice blend packs a rich, complex punch and celebrates the heritage of Mexico’s slow-roasted, open-fire traditions.

Craft a hearty breakfast Hash by combining Harvest Shreds® with BBQ spices, rivaling the deep rich flavors coaxed out by pitmasters.

Wok filled with broccoli, Korean Bulgogi-Spiced Harvest Shreds, red and yellow peppers, snow peas, Bok choy, and sesame seeds on a dark wooden background. Wooden board with julienned peppers and broccoli rabe.



Season Harvest Shreds® with a Bulgogi blend for this instantly craveable Korean fire-grilled favorite.



Season Harvest Shreds® with a Bulgogi blend for this instantly craveable Korean fire-grilled favorite.

Gyro: Flour pita filled with Naked, Subtly Seasoned Harvest Shreds, tomatoes, red onions and Persian cucumbers, wrapped in craft paper and tied with twine. In the background, cherry tomatoes, a lemon and parsley.


Crafting craveable, healthy, plant-based eating for everyone...



"I couldn't stop eating it. It’s the most realistic product of its kind I’ve ever tried. It feels like meat with a crispy outer texture and juicy and tender all around."

Chef/Owner Mike Johnson

Hi Pointe Drive Inn

Instagram post from Hi Pointe Drive In showing a Philly Cheese Fake: Handheld long Hoagie bun filled with Harvest Shreds, grilled onions and mushrooms, Provel cheese, Andalouse sauce.

Our customers' creativity knows no limit...

St Louis COMA coffee roaster logo
Harvest Shreds with BBQ sauce on a bun atop creamy cole slaw, topped with pickles. On a small square white plate.
Three Harvest Shreds tacos in a taco holder, topped with salsa, cilantro and chopped white onions Ramekin of dipping sauce, all on a square white plate. In the background, a bowl of black beans and fresh chilis
Sal y Limon Mexican Grille Logo
Ivy Tartines Logo
Two square pastry puffs: one is cut in half to reveal a filling of Harvest Shreds. A collaboration benefiting St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Retreat Gastropub logo
Speckled bowl filled with Harvest Shreds plant protein, breakfast potatoes, peppers, onions, veggie demi glace and a drizzle of chimichurri. Vegan Hash.
Food tent at an outdoor market with people waiting in line to buy Harvest Shreds from the Shred Shack. Three options available as noted on framed sign: Red Curry, Szechuan, Chipotle. Photo taken at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens annual Best of Missouri Market, 2023.
Best of Missouri Market at St Louis Botanical Gardens Logo
Hi Pointe Drive In logo
Wide shot looking at the insides of a hoagie. Hi Pointe Drive-In’s No Bahn Meat, a vegetarian version take on Bahn Mi. The sandwich roll is filled with spring greens, Harvest Shreds, tangy slaw and jalapeno slices.

Add Harvest Shreds wherever you need some game-changing, planet-saving vegan protein! All global flavors throughout the day's menu.





  • Enchiladas
  • Fajitas
  • Burritos
  • Tacos
  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Stir-Fries
Harvest Shreds on a black plate with tongs
Harvest Shreds in a round black pan with two forks.

Storage and Prep

Harvest Shreds Media

Snapshot of Harvest Shreds review by St. Louis Magazine featuring a photo of a sizzle platter with Mexican Barbacoa-seasoned Harvest shreds with grilled peppers and onions, served with flour tortillas, mango salsa in a green bowl, sour cream and scallion, refried beans with queso fresco, cilantro bunch and half an avocado. Headline: St. Louis-based Fifth Taste Foods rolls out plant-based Harvest Shreds line
Snapshot of Feast article about Harvest Shreds featuring a photo of Wok filled with broccoli, Korean Bulgogi-scented Harvest Shreds, red and yellow peppers, snow peas, Bok choy, and sesame seeds on a dark wooden background. Wooden board with julienned peppers and broccoli rabe.
St Louis Magazine article about the difference between a vegan and a plant-based diet.


Frequently Asked Questions


About Harvest Shreds

I love meat!! Is this for me?

The fast answer is absolutely. We love meat too! But we also love nuturing our bodies and protecting our planet. We have not found anything that helps either of those without a significant sacrifice in taste, texture and craveability. Until NOW!!! Harvest Shreds rivals meat in every conceivable way. It has that satisfying hearty texture of a shredded meat with crispy, caramelized bits. It is jammed full of flavor and is a quick meal solution that satisfies and fills you. Start with the Naked, Subtly Seasoned and add a pinch of any global seasoning and you will see the flavors explode.

How does Harvest Shreds differ from other plant proteins?

There is a wide variety of plant-based protein available in today’s market. If you look closely, you will notice that nearly all of them are ground or heavily processed into a formed shape - often with binding agents like methyl cellulose that don't pass muster in clean labeling. We went the other direction, bringing to market a “whole muscle” shredded product. There is a significant difference in the way it chews. In a blind taste test, you would be hard pressed to realize you were not chewing meat.

The other thing you will notice is that we have used our penchant for global adventure to celebrate cultures that are meat-centric. We offer a gently flavored product called Naked, Subtly Seasoned. Our food service chefs love that for the ability to create something uniquely their own. Just add some spice blends of your own as you sauté — like Bulgogi for Korean or Barbacoa for Mexican — and see how our shredded product not only chews like shredded meat, but also delivers the flavor-packed experience of eating food that is fire-grilled or slow roasted over an open fire. Some chefs don't even season further...because the craveability is built in.

What makes Harvest Shreds so craveable?

At Fifth Taste Foods, we are experts on craveability. We started with our line of global chile crisps, oo’mämē, which has a foundation of umami, the savory fifth taste, as its base. Umami amplifies other tastes that are present and magnifies a dish’s deliciousness. There are a variety of ingredients in Harvest Shreds that bring an essential taste that rivals the meat-eating experience. Our proprietary blend of umami-rich seasonings, like red miso and shiitake mushrooms, gives it that I-want-more-ish quality.


Where does the protein come from?
We use an isolated soy protein product which is non-GMO. Creating a product that chews like meat and rivals its texture was high on our list. We found this product to be superior to other sources of plant protein in producing the whole muscle texture we set out to create.
Are your ingredients real?
YES, THEY ARE!! There is a lot of discussion in this space about fake meat and lab-created products. That is not us. A chef created our products, as a result of extensive testing in a kitchen, using culinary ingredients only. You will not find any confusing ingredients or preservatives on our labels. This is food for people, made by people. We challenge you to find a cleaner label - no methyl cellulose in our products!!
Are your products vegan?
Yes, they are! We are thrilled to offer an exclusively vegan product.


Cooking with Harvest Shreds


What is the best way to use Harvest Shreds?

Depends on who you ask! Mark likes to layer his for breakfast, with tortillas, fried peppers and onions, all topped with poached eggs. Karen leans toward the No Banh Meat – a sandwich offered by one of our restaurant clients. It’s a hero of a sandwich, stuffed with Harvest Shreds, quick pickled vegetables, chiles, herbs and a drizzle of a tangy aioli. The one thing we all agree on is that you can add it to any dish that needs some game-changing, planet-saving plant protein.

Try it on bowls, breakfast scrambles, tacos, and stir-fries. We love it on salads or in lettuce wraps. Or top pizzas, tostadas or jazz up your avocado toast. Anywhere you need to add protein pronto, reach for Harvest Shreds.


How do you prepare Harvest Shreds?

Keep Frozen Until Ready to Use.

  1. 1. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

2. Break into chunks or shreds, using hands or two forks.

3. For best results, cook in a hot skillet coated with oil over medium-high heat until shreds are sizzling, slightly charred, caramelized and crispy. Boiling and microwaving are not recommended.

Use within 7 days of thawing and the Use By date on package. Do not refreeze.

Check out this < 1 minute video for more details.


How long will Harvest Shreds last?

Harvest Shreds is frozen and will last up to 14 months in the freezer. Consume by the package's use by date.


Harvest Shreds and Sustainability

Better for You. Better for the Planet.

We believe strongly in our collective responsibility to be stewards of our one planet. Radical changes are hard. But taking steps toward a better use of our natural resources can be a daily practice. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or just want to eat meat one less meal a week, we want to make that an option. And because we take immense pleasure in breaking bread and celebrating at the table, we want that to be enjoyable and downright craveable – no compromises! We’re creating craveable, healthy, plant-based eating for everyone.

When compared to a 3-ounce burger (half the size of a standard burger!) with 7 grams of saturated fat, Harvest Shreds drops that to 1/2 gram! And we have not skimped on protein. A three-ounce serving of Harvest Shreds packs a full 16 grams of protein, all while delivering a craveable, chewy mouthful, bursting with flavor.

With your help and support, our impact on climate can be significant. The production technique for our soy protein tops the lists for planet-friendly, minimal impact proteins, compared to alternative sources. In contrast to cattle production, our soy protein reduces impact in the following ways:

98% lowered carbon dioxide emissions
97% reduced blue water use
99% reduced land use

And, of course, the expansion of a plant-based regimen results in reduced exploitation and an increased consciousness toward the treatment of animals.


More Harvest Shreds Information

Where can I buy Harvest Shreds?
We are just launching this Winter with a focus on restaurants and wholesale customers. Once we have an established list of purveyors, we will post them on our website.


How can I reach Harvest Shreds/Fifth Taste Foods?

Fifth Taste Foods, the makers of Harvest Shreds, is a small company (with a really big flavor!). Unfortunately, we are not able to provide phone support for customer service. The fastest way to let us answer your questions is to email us at We’ll get right back to you!

Follow us on Instagram for more updates.




Distributed by Fifth Taste Foods, Inc. | St. Louis, MO 63105 | Wholesale - 2, 5 and 12 pound packages.

Powered by oo’mämē Kitchen, unleashing the craveable Fifth Taste.

Handmade in small batches in the USA.