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oo’mämē Chinese Dipping Sauce

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

Whatever you need to dip – we don’t judge – it will be infinitely tastier if dipped in an oo’mämē bath. We’re thinking dumplings or eggrolls but wouldn’t say no to scallion pancakes or coconut shrimp or even tostones. Depending on where you are traveling with your appetizer or other, try this quick mix of just three ingredients.

If your dunkers are boiled or steamed, they will truly benefit from the full-on flavor of an oo’mämē based sauce. But if they are pan sautéed or fried, this simple dip of vinegar and soy will cut through the richness of the oil-based cooking technique. Pretty much that’s a win-win.

Jars of oo’mämē Chinese and Mexican Chile Crisp

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