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Thai Chile Peanut Dressing

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

This dressing is a real workhorse for making mealtime magical. No doubt you have peanut or other nut butter on hand, and likely some soy sauce. The only thing else you’ll need is rice vinegar or some fresh lime juice. Lemon juice would work too, but we prefer the sweetness of lime. Now stir in some oo’mämē and give it a whisk and you are in business.

You will be blown away by how satisfying and flavorful this is. Thin it with a little more vinegar, or even water, if you want to drizzle or dip. Or add a little more nut butter if you want to thicken it up. Not only is this a slam dunk on salads, consider using this as a dipping sauce for a lettuce wrap, summer roll or a wrap sandwich. 

jar of Chinese oomame chile crisp

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