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Roasted Snapper + oo’mämē Marinade

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

Cooking a whole fish can seem daunting but think about the oohs and aahs when one comes to the table in a restaurant. Can you see yourself – bathed in a candlelight glow – stepping into the spotlight to take your bows? We can. And we are here to chef you up! A whole fish is an impressive presentation and it can be so simple, especially armed with this flavor bomb we call oo’mämē.

Your fish monger can hook you up with a beautiful whole fish. Depending on where you live, you might find snapper (we love that!), bass or trout. All are good choices. Look for plump, firm flesh with clear eyes and clean gills that are bright red. The skin will be a shiny metallic. If you can get close enough, smell for a briny, clean smell. Your purveyor will likely sell it scaled, gutted, and cleaned. If not, ask for that. Keeping the skin and bones intact will keep the fish moist and promote even cooking. Then once cooked, easily lift out the bones in one piece.

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