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Pasta & Peppers + oo’mämē

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

Pantry time!! Seems these days that it is ALWAYS pantry time! Everybody’s hungry and you haven’t even thought about dinner. Now what? This is where the brilliance of our Pantry Reimagined oo’mämē Chile Infusions steps up to the plate. Whatd’ya got? Definitely pasta, right? What’s in the fridge? Herbs? Cheese? Cute little peppers? We promise there is more than you think. Maybe you have a couple zucchini and some mushrooms. Slice those bad boys up and give them a quick sauté in some oo’mämē oil. Maybe it’s just one lonely box of pasta in the cupboard. That’s okay. Really!

oo’mämē is a Passport for your Pantry!! We step into the void and round out the dish with our Chile Infusions. Each jar is crammed full of ingredients that add layers and layers of texture and flavor, short-cutting lengthy meal prep while bringing harmony balanced with uniqueness. We do all the behind the scenes work, so you can just stir in a spoonful and go on with your meal. All those different textures – nuts and seeds, fermented black beans, crystallized mango or ginger – go a very long way in compensating for that bare pantry. Boil up the pasta, add some oo’mämē, and call for the kids. Dinner is served!


Pasta & Peppers + oo’mämē


Must Have

Jars of oo’mämē Chinese and Mexican Chili Infusion

oo’mämē Chinese or Mexican Chile Infusion


Consider including

Pasta, prepared according to package directions

Sautéed veggies, roasted peppers or pickled veg

Cheese – grated, shaved, chopped, or tiny balls of mozz

Fresh herbs, if you have them


How To

Okay. We are gonna give it to you straight. This is NOT a recipe; this is a lifestyle.

Boil up some pasta, drain it, then start dosing it with what you have. When you are finished being a boss-chef, stir in some oo’mämē.

Wipe your brow and pretend like you have been slaving all day. If it will be more convincing, toss a little flour in the air and walk through it. You look good!

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