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oo’mämē-spiked Curried Chicken Salad

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

Feeling uninspired for lunch? How about this easy lunchtime winner – store-bought chicken salad…Curried, Waldorf, Tarragon, Cajun, Chinese, Cobb or Mediterranean…slathered on a toasted naan flatbread, from the grocery freezer, of course!  Or if you are not feeling the Indian vibe - no curry, no naan -  go with a croissant or onion bagel, baguette or focaccia.

This already has the makings of a killer sandwich, but a couple more steps and you are in taste-elevation heaven. Drizzle oo’mämē Chile Crisp across the top and sprinkle with sliced scallions, chopped cashews, and if you are feeling fancy, some chopped cilantro. We’re talking restaurant quality sandwich whipped up at home in minutes.  All hail the power of oo’mämē, sandwich-time’s MVP!!

 Jars of oo’mämē Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Moroccan Crisp


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