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Satay + oo’mämē Peanut Sauce

by oo’mämē Kitchen |

The Satay + oo’mämē Peanut Sauce is your new best friend, doing the heavy lifting in building a sophisticated, restaurant-quality sauce with just two ingredients. Pick up store bought peanut sauce, generally found in the international section of your grocery, and combine with our beloved oo’mämē Chinese Chile Crisp! Boom! And like that, you have an instant sauce that is layered with robust flavors and many textures and feels like you have been cooking all day long. Dunk  your dumplings or eggrolls, douse a salad, toss your noodles, or use it as a marinade. Watch that smile of all-knowing spread across your face as you realize, friend, you are a culinary master. 

Pro Tip: Make extra Satay + oo’mämē Peanut Sauce and keep it refrigerated in an airtight jar for future use! It’s great on any salad and is wonderful as a dipping sauce.

Jar of oo’mämē Chinese Chile Crisp with a spoonful of oo’mämē

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